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AJ is an Architect , interior Designer and gemologist by profession .AJ develops each event as an architect would design a signature space. He introduces the highest principles of art and design with exacting attention to every detail to create an environment that exists for a few magnificent moments. Architecture is evolving ever closer to the event industry. The line between the two is blurring, even through the eyes of the specialists. we can maximise the success of an event’s design and satisfy our increasingly sophisticated clientele.”

Vima Shirleyan Rodrigues

“Events are temporary works of art to me – living sculptured spaces. My vision is to create designs that honor cultural splendor, architectural dignity and individual style.”

Vima Rodrigues and Art student by profession a muralist and interior designer . , “I see my key strengths as being able to deliver an honest design with the correct visual information, having a strong sense of proportions, and being punctual in every sense of the word”

As a child, I used to spend long hours in the company of my father & mother, who have a long career as a Wedding planner in goa “

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